The Harbin Guide

Harbin, China, in a nutshell.

Tulips in the Harbin botanical gardens.

The Harbin Botanical Gardens

When the city’s long winter comes to an end, typically in early May, the Harbin botanical gardens on Haping Lu really come into their own. Riotous carpets of tulips and daffodils spread through the woodland; bumper boats come out to play on the ponds; students lounge on the grass with picnics; children brave the wobbly bridge and topple with glee into murky lakes.

Different areas of the garden are set up to work at different periods of spring and summer: Dutch-themed areas have both windmills and clogs, there’s a rather random dinosaur zone, and, of course, there are classically themed pavilions too. If you’re in Harbin over spring and summer, I thoroughly recommend spending a morning there.

Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Gardens
105 Haping Lu