The Harbin Guide

Harbin, China, in a nutshell.

Robot server at the robot restaurant, Harbin.

The Robot Restaurant

Backed by a local robotics corporation, Harbin’s Robot Restaurant is, well, a restaurant staffed by robots, with serving drones running on a circuit around the restaurant, a handful of robo-chefs doing some rather token cooking behind the bar and some loosely robot-themed decor (you can see pictures here).

Robot server at the robot restaurant, Harbin.

While all the robots require a little help from their human friends, and the place, which opened in summer 2012, is already looking a little tired around the edges, the sheer novelty of the Robot Restaurant makes it worth a visit.

The food is standard mall food court fare, with a limited range of largely pre-cooked dishes, but watching the robots heat rice and dumplings in the kitchen, and collecting your dishes from the visiting server, makes it all worthwhile.

Servers at the robot restaurant, Harbin.

Expect to pay 25-40 kuai for a main dish, and 10-12 for a beer. The checkbox menu is in Chinese but waiters will check the right boxes for you if you point at the pictures out front: you’ll need to pay the cashier in advance.

The Robot Restaurant
Address: Basement, 51 Xi Liu Dao Jie (West Sixth Street), off Zhongyang Daojie, Daoliqu, Harbin
Phone: 0451 8898 2888


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