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Dumplings at Orient King of Dumplings, Harbin.

Orient King of Dumplings

It’s easy to miss this ground and basement dumpling emporium on Zhongyang Dajie, but I recommend you don’t. The interior feels remarkably upscale for the reasonable prices, the northern-style dumplings (jiaozi) are to die for — and there’s a bona fide English language menu that actually makes sense.

Dumplings are, naturally, the main event, but there’s a range of Sichuan favourites, including eggplant with minced meat, and some good veggie options — we rate the spicy seaweed salad.

Best yet? At least two of the staff speak English, which is handy, since the English menu doesn’t have a Chinese translation.

Tables come equipped with soy sauce, dumpling vinegar and condiments including minced onion and mustard with which to accompany your dumplings. A choice of 20-odd jiaozi flavours range from the classic — pork and Chinese cabbage, pork and pickled cabbage — through to seafood, mushroom and much, much more.

Every one we’ve tried has had the perfect dumpling pop of smooth, light casing, firm filling and just enough rich juice to fill the mouth without burning it.

Orient King of Dumplings is a great place to discover the joy of jiaozi, or further your acquaintance with them. Even if you do end up in the wedding planners’ next door by accident…

Expect to pay from 15-50 RMB per head.

Orient King of Dumplings

DōngFāng Jiaǒzi Wáng (东方饺子王)
Address: 51 Zhongyang Dajie, Daoliqu, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8465 3920


  1. I just loved Oriental King of Dumplings!!! There are 3 of them. One located at Zhaolin St., one at No. 37 and one No. 81 Central Street (Zhongyang St.) they have over 20 + different types of dumplings. They are the best!!

    The first one that I found was on the same street as where the famous St. Sophia Cathedral is located. There are hundreds of tourists who comes from all over the world to come see this historical Church. This Oriental King of Dumplings is located on Zhaolin Street has a MENU only in Chinese. Being non- Asian born, it is impossible for me to read the menu esp. if it’s printed in Chinese Characters on plain brown paper with out any pictures that show how the dish looks like. I talked to the staff and the manager at length through Google translate. Some of the translation didn’t come out right. All they have is a Menu in Chinese and in another one in RUSSIAN but NONE of the Chinese staff speaks Russian even if Russian person came in and order off from it, however, the saving grace is that the items are numbered. You can order off the numbers if you have an English translated menu to aid you. I tried to tell them IT IS BETTER IF THEY HAVE AN ENGLISH TRANSLATED MENU. All they need is ONE TRANSLATED ENGLISH MENU on the floor. They don’t even have to hire a translator!!! The SIMPLE and EASY way is to just walk over to Oriental King of Dumplings No. 81 and make photo-copies of that English Menu, glued it to a cardboard so it will be permanent there in-house in case customers who comes in needs to see an English translation of it. The Manager doesn’t seem to care and just struggled his shoulder. So he is LOSING A LOT OF BUSINESS by not having an English Translated menu. The solution is so easy and it would help English reading customers a lot. People who can’t read the Chinese menu just walk away so his restaurant has a lot of empty tables.

    However, there are TWO MORE Oriental King of Dumplings located over on No. 37 is located in a basement, cafeteria style with a lot of families and kids running around). No. 81 (street level) on Central Street. (Zhongyang St) is a very small restaurant compared to the Oriental King of Dumplings located near the St. Sophia’s Cathedral on Zhaolin Street which has 2 floors or the No. 37 which is in a big basement floor. The Oriental King of Dumplings at No. 81 is cozy and more “romantic” and the staff are so MUCH friendlier AND they do have ONE ENGLISH VERSION of their menu (PINK MENU) that they keep right on the front counter to the right of the cashier register. You can ask for it. Yes, their dumplings are so delicious and for a very reasonable price. Dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried. The beef ones look taste like Russian Pelmeni’s that my husband’s Russian grandmother used to make.

    IF THAT MANAGER of the Oriental King of Dumplings located at Zhaolin Street by the St. Sophia’s Cathedral has any “smarts” in him to better his business and bring more customers, it should not be much of an effort for him walk over to the Oriental King of Dumplings at No. 81 on Central Street (Zhongyang St) and go make a CHEAP photo copies of that ENGLISH VERSION MENU for his own restaurant……….AND DON’T FORGET TO RETURN THAT ENGLISH VERSION (Pink Menu) back to Oriental King of Dumplings at No. 81 Zhongyang St afterwards.

    • Or, maybe, they could ALL share the costs of photocopying the single pink menu, which I remember well?!