White box test engineer
Hefei & ShenzhenR&DUndergraduate
Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Develop and execute test software plans and test cases according to project schedule requirements.
  • 2. Participate in the design review of R&D-related links, and put forward opinions and suggestions.
  • 3. Follow up the work of each link in the software version test process, and write test related documents.
  • 4. For embedded C language software engineering, write automated test scripts, test cases and related test tools for unit testing and system testing.
  • 5. Set up relevant test environment, record and follow up the repair of software defects.
Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree in computer related major.
  • 2. More than 2 years of white-box testing (hardware-related experience), familiar with C/Python and other languages, and able to independently write relevant automated test scripts.
  • 3. Familiar with MISRA C code writing specifications, with experience in one of QAC, Polyspace, pc-lint, testbed or other static code scanning tools.
  • 4. Proficiency in at least one industry-recognized white-box testing tool (TESSY, VertorCAST, C++ tes, cantata, etc.).
  • 5. Master the theory and common methods of software testing, and be familiar with the basic process and testing specifications of software testing.
  • 6. Experience in software development is preferred.
  • 7. Active and proactive in work, with a high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, and good communication skills.
Immediate delivery