The Harbin Guide

Harbin, China, in a nutshell.

The Harbin Guide

Harbin – also spelt Haerbin, and even Haehrpin – sits close to the Korean and Russian borders, not far from Mongolia, in the far north-west of China, with a unique culture that blends strong Russian heritage with traditional Chinese.

The annual Ice and Snow Festival, with its dazzling ice sculptures, has made the city famous – but there’s much more to Harbin than the beauty of the ice, and the famous Harbin beer.

As this site grows, we’ll bring it to you, with sections for tourists and expats, as well as for folk with kids, along with Harbin restaurants and more. We individually visit and review every place we write about.

Header image courtesy of Derek Harkness.


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  2. Hen Hau

    Looking for a 3 days tours 3th-6th January, including entrances fees and recommandation 3* hotel near parks

  3. looking guide and recommandations for a toour Hanuary 3rd to 6 th
    all places of inerest

  4. May I know how and what transport to use if I want to travel from harbin to
    capitol of Mongolia?

    • Note that most nationalities need to arrange a visa in advance, which can’t be done in Harbin. So you could make a journey out of it and train to the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, where you can get the visa the same day, and it’s a bus and a jeep to the border – it’s a long train ride, but it does take you right past Xanadu. Or you can head to Beijing, do the visa there, and then fly. Most nationalities can’t cross the border that it looks like you should be able to cross, unfortunately.

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